MaoLiang Bu

Maoliang Bu is an Associate Professor at Nanjing University, School of Business, and Adjunct Professor at Hopkins-Nanjing Center (Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies). His main research interest is on globalization and the environment. The recent publications include “Globalization and the Environment of China” (Vol 14th of Emerald book series of Frontiers of Economics and Globalization). Maoliang is an Alexander von Humboldt fellow (2015-2016) and a fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar. He has previously worked as a post-doctoral researcher at University of Goettingen, and as a visiting scholar at Johns Hopkins University, University of Groningen, and University of Gothenburg.

Research Area

    Teaching Courses

    1. Environmental Economics in Open Economy
    2. Econometrics
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    Teaching Award

    1. 卜茂亮, 2005, 开元奖教金二等奖, 南京大学商学院

    Research Award

    1. 卜茂亮, 2013, 钱学森城市研究奖, 杭州国际城市学研究中心,
    2. 卜茂亮, 2011, 科研新星奖, 南京大学商学院,

    Research Projects

    1. 卜茂亮, 2014-2016, 对外开放与中国环境可持续发展, 教育部哲学社会科学研究后期资助项目, , No:14JHQ017
    2. Maoliang Bu, 2013, Building the Research Network for Climate Change and China-EU Trade, Academic Consortium 21 (AC21) Special Project Fund,

    Published Books for Research

    1. Bu, M., 2015, The Development of Low Carbon Economy and the Policies of Environmental Protection Under Selective Opening.In Liu, Z. & X. Li, (Eds.), Transition of the Yangtze River Delta, Springer,
    2. Bu, M.& Yang, B.(eds), 2014, Globalization and the Environment of China (Volume 14 of Book Series: Frontiers of Economics and Globalization), Emerald Group Publishing Limited,
    3. Bu, M. & Luo, H., 2014, Globalization and the Energy Consumption of the Yangtze River Delta of China. In: Yao, S. J. and Herrerias Talamante, M. J., eds. Energy Security and Sustainable Economic Growth in China, Palgrave Macmillan,

    Published Papers

    1. Wu, H., Guo, H., Zhang, B., Bu, M., forthcoming, Westward Movement of New Polluting Firms in China: Pollution Reduction Mandates and Location Choice, Journal of Comparative Economics,
    2. Jiang, L., Folmer, H., Bu, M., 2016, Interaction between output efficiency and environmental efficiency: evidence from the textile industry in Jiangsu Province, China, Journal of Cleaner Production, 113, 123-132
    3. Gao, Y., Zheng, J., Bu, M., 2014, Rural-urban income gap and agricultural growth in China: An empirical study on the provincial panel data, 1978-2010, China Agricultural Economic Review, 6(1),92-107
    4. Bu, M., Liu, Z., Wagner, M., Yu, X., 2013, Corporate Social Responsibility and the Pollution Haven Hypothesis: Evidence from Multinationals’ Investment Decision in China, Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics, 20(1), 85-99
    5. 张杰,卜茂亮,陈志远, 2012, 中国制造业部门劳动报酬比重的下降及其动因分析, 中国工业经济, 第5期
    6. Bu, M., Liu, Z., Gao Y., 2011, Influence of International Openness on Corporate Environmental Performance in China, China & World Economy, 19(2), 77-92