Admission Brochure for IMBA Program, Nanjing University(2011)

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I.                 NJU and NUBS
Nanjing University is a renowned university under the direct supervision of Ministry of Education in China. For over 100 years, her development has always been closely linked with the destiny of China and its ever changing society. Backed by National Project 211 and Project 985, Nanjing University leads the other higher learning institutions in teaching and researching, and has made great contributions to the national prosperity and revitalization.
Led by its mission “Creating New Business Knowledge, Developing Students’ Talents, Contributing to the Future Society”, the School of Business of Nanjing University (NUBS) has made great achievements in discipline-building, talents cultivations, scientific research, community service and international exchanges. In 2007, NUBS applied for the accreditation of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the application was accepted in 2008. Currently NUBS is introducing the principles of top international business schools on teaching, research and community service into daily management, so as to be among the first few accredited AACSB members in China. 
NUBS is also one of the first institutions in China to offer MBA program. In 1987, NUBS held a joint MBA program with University of Missouri-Columbia. In 1993, NUBS started to offer MBA program in Singapore. In the meantime, an MBA program was officially started in China. For seventeen years, the MBA program has recruited over 4,400 students with 3,500 graduated. From 1997, MBA program started to enroll international students with sufficient Chinese to take courses in Chinese.


NUBS introduced a brand-new International MBA program with courses offered in English in 2006. International students and exchange students joined Chinese students in classroom teaching and discussions. To increase the proportion of international students and strengthen herself in terms of curriculum design, faculty selection, managerial experience and career counseling, NUBS would like to expand the IMBA program and welcomes all those qualified international students to join our IMBA program.

II.                  IMBA Program
International Master of Business Administration Program (IMBA) of NJU is devoted to cultivate high-level multilateral managerial talents, who specialize in international business management with a global vision and a deep understanding of China.
To create the most stimulating environment possible for all students, IMBA selects a diverse student body, one that not only reflects a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities, but a wide range of personal interests and professional ambitions.


In addition, the program offers a variety of overseas exchange programs and international seminars. The exchange universities are: University of Missouri-St. Louis, The Levin Institute (suspended in 2010), University of San Diego, Kyushu University in Japan, Robert Schuman University, IECS Strasbourg-Graduate School of Management in France, Iscte- University institute for Social Sciences, Business Studies and Technologies in Portugal, Poznań University of Economics in Poland and Chonnam National University in South Korea.
All courses in the program are offered in English. A “Full-time IMBA” degree in both Chinese and English is conferred upon by Nanjing University.
III. Cultivation Mode
The program lasts two years, with the first year and a half devoted to full-time course study. In the fourth semester, candidates are expected to draft and finish graduation thesis and take part in internship or start to work in the meantime.

  An IMBA student has to acquire at least 46 credits and pass the oral defense of the graduatation thesis, to get the degree of Master of Business Administration and Graduate Certificate conferred upon by Nanjing University. The information of degree and certificate could be found on China's Higher Education Student Information Network at

NJU has set up internship bases in the following companies, which could be open to the international students.

A.O.Smith (China) Water Heater Company Ltd

Bank of Communication, Nanjing Branch
Bank of Communication, Suzhou Branch

Chervon Holdings Limited

 Focus Technology Co., Ltd.

Golden Eagle International Group
Golden Eagle, Singapore Corporation

Jiangsu High-Tech Investment Group

Jiangsu Machinery Import and Export Corporation

Jiangsu Tesiro Corporation

Phoenix Contact (China) Holding Co., Ltd.

Sainty Machinery Import and Export Corporation
Suning Corporation
Zonda Industrial Group

IV. Application Requirement:
1. Domestic Students
a.     Two years’ working experience after obtaining a Master’s Degree; or three years’ working  experience after a Bachelor’s Degree, or five years’ working experience after a technical college program;

b.     Proficient in English; obtaining 75 or above in National MBA entrance English examination;
c.     Meet the score requirements of Nanjing University in the National MBA Entrance Examination, and pass the interview. 
d.    Application deadline: October. Detailed information please see the notice of the Ministry of Education.

2. International Students

a.      A Bachelor’s Degree with working or relevant intern experience;
b.      GMAT is required. Students from non-native English speaking countries also have to submit  
IELTS or TOFEL score.
c.       Pass the examination and interview organized by The School of Business, Nanjing University.
d.       Application deadline: December.

V. Tuition:  120,000 RMB (2012)
VI. Scholarship:
International students can apply for “Scholarships for International Students of IMBA Program”.


VII Contact Us:
Jenny Yang,International Program Coordinator
Tel:(0086) 25-83621006
Email Address: