GE, Yang


GE, Yang    

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Ph.D, Department of Economics    

GE, Yang, Ph.D. in Economics, is currently Vice Dean of School of Economics, Professor of Economics and Ph.D Supervisor. He also serves as a researcher of Yangtze River Delta Economic and Social Development Research Centre at Nanjing University (Key Humanities and Social Sciences Research Bases by the Ministry of Education); Chief Expert of Marxist Theoretical Research and Construction Project; Secretary General of National Comprehensive University Capital Research Association; Vice President of Chinese Development Economics Society; Vice President of Jiangsu Province Real Estate Economics Association.    


Professor Ge is mainly engaged in social economic theory research and real estate economic theory research, and has published over 30 books (including The Modern Analysis of Capital, Chinese Socialist Market Economy Exploration from the Perspective of Capital, Evolution and Interpretation of Common Property Rights System in the Period of Economic Transition, Virtuality Study on Chin ese  Real Estate Economy in the Transition Period, and Market Rationality, N ational  Rationality and M odern  Mixed Economic Development  etc.) and more than 80 academic papers in Economic Research, Marxist Studies, Financial Studies, Economist, China Economic Issues etc..    


He has won many teaching awards, including First Prize and Third Prize of Outstanding Achievement Award entitled by Philosophy and Social Science Research in Jiangsu Province, First Prize and Second Prize of National Teaching Achievement Award and First Prize of Jiangsu Province Teaching Achievement Award. He has hosted or attended over 10 national key social science projects.   

Research fields   

1.       Socialist Economic Theory    

2.       Real Estate Economic Theory   

Teaching fields  

1.       Political Economy   

2.       Western Economics History