Hong, Yinxing


Hong,  Yinxing    

Tel: 025-83592850    

Email: yinxing@nju.edu.cn    

Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of Economics    

Professor Hong was born in September 1950. He was into work in December 1968 and then joined C.C.P. in October 1970. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Renmin University of China (1987). He is currently Professor and Ph.D. supervisor and has served as Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing University since November 2003.    


Professor Hong is actively involved in many leading research institutions and professional organizations. He is Vice Chairman of Social Science Committee by the Ministry of Education; Expert group member of Marxist Theoretical Research and Construction Project and National Social Science Foundation Program; Chairman of Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Sciences League; Member of National Comprehensive University Capital Research Association; Member of the Fourth and Fifth Academic Degrees Committee by State Council and deputy editor of Economist.   

He is also a recipient of special government allowances (1994) and has been awarded many awards and recognition, including the Outstanding Contribution Award for Chinese Ph.D. by State Council Academic Degrees Committee and Education Commission (1991) and Outstanding Contributions Award for National Young and Middle-aged Experts (1994). He used to be a distinguished Fulbright scholar and visit the United States in September 2000.  


Research fields  

1. Economic Operation Mechanism   

2. Economic Development and Macroeconomic Theory and Policy