Yang, Decai


Yang, Decai    

Tel: 025-83621074    

Email: ydc@nju.edu.cn    

Ph.D Supervisor, Department of Economics    

Professor Yang Decai with his postdoctoral degree in Economics is currently Professor of Department of Economics; Ph.D. Supervisor, Director of Department of Economics at Nanjing University Business School, and Director of Nanjing University Private Economy Institute.    

Professor Yang is active in public service. He is listed as CPPCCC Member, Deputy Chairman of Jiangsu Province Committee of China Zhi Gong Party, Director of Jiangsu Province Political Participation Committee of China Zhi Gong Party, Deputy Director of Central Committee of China Zhi Gong Party, and member of Central Economic Committee of China Zhi Gong Party.   

He is actively involved in many professional organizations. He is an Executive Director of National Marxist Economics History Society and China Economic Development Research Association respectively, Director of China Economic History Society, Vice President of Jiangsu Provence Private Economy Research Association, Jiangsu Province Capital Research Association, and Jiangsu Province Enterprise Development Strategy Research Association separately.   

He received his Ph.D. from Nanjing University in July 1996 and joined Nanjing University up to now. In 2003, he was promoted to Professor and subsequently appointed as a doctoral supervisor. Professor Yang has published 13 books and nearly 100 academic journals. He has hosted or attended several major provincial and ministerial projects and won many teaching and research awards in Nanjing University and even Jiangsu Province. He was awarded as My Favorite Teacher in Nanjing University by undergraduates.  


Research interests

1. Chinese Economic History Research   

2. New Institutional Economics Research   

3. China's Economic Development Research   

4. Marxist Economics Research   

Teaching fields

1. Political Economy and Chinese Economic History (undergraduate), Special Studies on China's Economic History and New Institutional Economics (postgraduate)   

2.  New Institutional Economics Research (Ph.D.)   

3.  Institutional Innovation and Corporate Growth (MBA)