Yu, Jinping


Yu, Jinping     

Tel: 025-83621350     

Email: yujp @nju.edu.cn     

Ph.D. SupervisorDepartment of International Economics and Trade 

Professor Yu, Ph.D. in Economics, is currently Associate Dean, Professor of International Economics and Trade, and Ph.D. Supervisor at Nanjing University Business School.    

Professor Yu is actively involved in many leading research institutions and professional organizations. He is a member of the National International Business Professional Degree Graduate Education Steering Committee, an academic committee member of Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies, executive director of China World Economics Association, and president of Jiangsu Province Foreign Economics Institute.    

He used to study in Japan as the first recipient of the Osaka International Friendship Scholarship in 1993. In 1996, he received his master's degree in Economics from Osaka Prefecture University, Japan. Then he received his Ph.D. in Economics from Osaka Prefecture University in 1999. Before joining NJUBS, he was appointed as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Osaka Prefecture University (from April 1999 to March 2002). Since April 2002, Professor Yu has worked in Nanjing University Business School, during which he has conducted collaborative research projects at the University of Paris (France) and studied at Cornell University (U.S.).    

He has been invited to attend international academic conferences and successively published several papers in domestic and international journals. Besides publications in Chinese academic publications such as Economic Research,  World Economy and Financial Research,  he also has widely published in international journals, including Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Economics, Business and Law, Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies, Journal of Slavic and East European Studies.   

Professor Yu has won several awards, such as the An Zijie Award for Outstanding Achievement in International Trade Research.    

Research fields 

1. International Trade and Investment   

2. International Regional Economic Integration   

Teaching fields 

1. International Economics   

2. Open Macroeconomics   

3. Management Economics