Xie, Jianguo


Xie, Jianguo     

Tel: 025-83621072     

Email: xjg @nju.edu.cn     

Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of International Economics and Trade  

Professor Xie received his Ph.D. from Nankai University (2004) and then entered Nanjing University after graduation. Now he serves as a Professor, Ph.D. supervisor, Deputy Director of Department of International Economics and Trade, and Adjunct Professor of Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies. He is also an anonymous reviewer of Economic Research, Economics Quarterly, and World Economy.   

Research fields

1. International Trade Theory and Policy   

2. Regional Integration   

3. Industrial Organization Theory 

Teaching fields  

1. Game Theory   

2. Econometrics   

3. Industrial Organization Theory   

4. Advanced Microeconomics   

5. Management Economics