​Zhang, Dixin


Zhang,  Dixin     

Tel: 025-83621023     

Email:  dixinz01@nju.edu.cn  

Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of Finance and Insurance  


Professor Zhang Dixin graduated from Wuhan University with his M.Sc. in Statistics, and his supervisor is Professor Zhang Yaoting and Professor Zou Xindi. He received his Ph.D. in Statistics from Zhongshan University, and his supervisor is Professor Liang Zhijun. He currently serves as Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor at Department of Finance and Insurance, Professor of Applied Statistics at Department of Mathematics, Director of Center for Financial Econometrics and Risk Management at Nanjing University, Honor Research Fellow at National University (Singapore), Senior Fellow of the City University of Hong Kong, Research Fellow of the University of Hong Kong, Commentator of German Mathematical Review. He has been selected as training target of Guizhou Province Cross-Century Talents 100 Project and Guangdong Province Talents 100 Project and National Key Discipline Review Expert. He is also a recipient of State Council Government Special Allowance. Professor Zhang has won the title of Provincial Labour Model and hosted 5 projects by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one Key Project by the Ministry of Education, and one by Social Science Project.    

Besides, Professor Zhang has published research on survival models in the world-class magazine JASA and cooperated with many well-known scholars, including the professor from London School of Economics and Political Science and Norwegian Academy of Sciences, and H.Tong nominated for Nobel Nobel Prize in Economics and hired by Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. In 2004, he published a discussion paper on the homepage of the world-famous magazine Statistica Sinica; In 2001, his research was published in the world-famous magazine Statistica Sinica and was listed as one of the representative achievements in this field by Michael, R. Kosorok, who is the Chief Professor of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (See his book Introduction to Empirical Processes and Semi-parametric Inference published in 2008. This book has been listed as one of the world best in statistical series by Springer Press.)   

He has published 18 papers in SCI magazine and has been cited 93 times by world-class magazines such as Journal of Econometrics, Annals of Statistics, and Econometric Theory, Biometrics, and Statistica Sinica. His papers have been collected more than 10 times by American Mathematical Review, The German Mathematical Digest and the Russian Mathematical Review and has been searched by EI more than 10 times. He has won one first prize at provincial and ministerial-level and two-second prizes.   

Research fields 

1. Corporate Finance   

2. Risk Management   

3. Econometric Model  


Teaching fields 

1. Econometric economy   

2. Actuarial Actuarial   

3. Random Process   

4. Financial Time Series Analysis