​Pei, Ping


Pei, Ping     

Tel:  025-83621263     

Email: peip@nju.edu.cn     

Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of Finance and Insurance  


Professor Pei Ping, with Ph.D. in Management, is a member of C.C.P. He used to be Director of the Department of Finance and Insurance, Nanjing University (1993-2002), and vice president of Nanjing University Business School (2002-2005). He is currently a Professor, Ph.D. supervisor, and Director of the International Financial Management Institute in Nanjing University. He has won Award for Excellence Teacher and Outstanding Communist Party Member of Nanjing University, and has been selected as Chair Professor of Zhao Shiliang; Jiangsu Province Excellent Graduate Supervisor; Project Leader of National Excellent Course (International Finance); Chief expert of National Social Science Foundation Major Project (Internet Finance Development and Risk and Supervision), and a member of College Teaching Steering Committee by the Ministry of Education. He is also a recipient of Special Government Allowance.   

Professor Pei is actively involved in many research institutions and organizations, such as executive director of China International Finance Association and China Insurance Society, director of China Finance Annual Conference, vice president of Jiangsu Province International Finance Association and Jiangsu Province Insurance Association, and vice president of Jiangsu Province Internet Finance Association. In 2007, he obtained the qualification of China Listed Company Independent Director (certificate No. 00966) and served as an independent director for listed companies such as Nanjing Bank.   

He has long been engaged in teaching and research on Financial Theory and Policy, International Finance, and Foreign-related Finance in China. He has hosted or attended nearly 20 scientific research projects above provincial and ministerial level, and published over 20 textbooks and monographs (including Multinational Corporation Management, International Finance, Chinese Monetary Policy Transmission Research, Research on Equity Financing of Chinese Listed Companies, Research on International Financial Crisis Caused by U.S. Subprime Risk and Internet plus Finance: Innovation and Reshaping in Financial Industry), and more than 290 papers in academic journals, such as Economics, Economic Research, Management World, Financial Research and International Finance Research. In addition, he has won more than 40 awards for his outstanding teaching and research achievements.  


Research fields   

1. Financial Theory and Practice   

2. International Financial Management   

3. Internet Finance   

4. China Foreign Finance  


Teaching fields   

1. International Finance   

2. Financial Theory and Practice   

3. Internet Finance   

4. China Foreign Finance