Du, Yabin


Du, Yabin     

Tel: 025-83621116     

Email: duyabin@nju.edu.cn     

Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of Finance and Insurance     


02/1978-02/1982  Earned his Bachelor degree in Economics, Sichuan University   

09/1987-07/1990  Obtained his Master Degree in Economics, Xiamen University   

09/1991-07/1994  Received his Ph.D. in Economics, Xiamen University   


Before joining NJUBS, Professor Du used to work at the Department of Theory, Northwest University of Political Science and Law (1982); Department of Economics, Xiamen University (1991); Shantou University Business School (1995). In 1998, he entered the Department of Finance and Insurance, Nanjing University Business School.  

Research fields

1. Currency and Monetary Policy   

2.  Financial Markets and Financial Institutions   

Teaching fields 

1. Money and Banking   

2. Financial Institution Management   

3. Financial Modeling