​Yang, Liu


Yang, Liu     

Tel: 025-83621150     

Email: lyang2@nju.edu.cn     

Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Economics     

Yang Liu is currently an Assistant Professor at Department of Industrial Economics, Nanjing University Business school. He obtained his bachelor degree in Economics from Peking University (2007); master degree in economics from Renmin University of China (2009) and Ph.D. in Economics from State University of New York, Albany Campus (2014). His research papers have been published in Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, Economics Letters, Economics (Quarterly) , etc.    

He has hosted the National Natural Science Foundation Project, and has been awarded Isaac Kerstenetzky Young Economist Award by International Prosperity Index Association. He also serves as an anonymous reviewer for several journals such as Journal of Econometrics , International Journal of Forecasting , Executive Economics , Frontiers of Economics in China, and the Economics (Quarterly).    


Research fields:   

1. Econometric Theory   

2. Macroeconomic Forecast   

3. Applied Econometrics   

Teaching fields:    

1. Advanced Econometrics   

2. Intermediate Econometrics