Wu, Fuxiang


Wu, Fuxiang     

Tel: 025-83621040     

Email: fxiangwu@nju.edu.cn     

Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of Industrial Economics     

Wu Fuxiang, Ph.D. in Economics, is a Postdoctoral Researcher, Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor and Director at Department of Industrial Economics, Nanjing University Business School. He is also a recipient of Government Special Allowance selected by the State Council.  


He also serves as a Researcher of the Yangtze River Delta Research Center of Nanjing University (Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences by the Ministry of Education); Researcher of Changjiang Economics and Think Tank (National Key Cultivation Think Tank); Senior Researcher of Nanjing University Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences; Full-time Supervisor of Nanjing University Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Academic Training Program; Researcher and Deputy Director of Nanjing University Real Estate Research Center.    

He has been selected into the New Century Excellent Talent Support Program by the Ministry of Education, the Second-level training target for 333 High-level Talent Cultivation Project in Jiangsu Province. Professor Wu is actively involved in public service. He currently serves as Director of the World Chinese Real Estate Society and Jiangsu Economics Association, and Executive Director and Deputy Secretary-General of Jiangsu Province Real Estate Economics Association.   

He has been many major projects, including the National Social Science Foundation, National Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Foundation General Project, Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Foundation Project by the Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base Major Projects by the Ministry of Education and more than 20 projects commissioned by local government.     

He has won many teaching awards and academic recognitions, including the National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Nomination Award, Anzijie International Trade Research Award, Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, Jiangsu Province University and College Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, Jiangsu Provincial Social Science Applied Research Excellent Project Outstanding Achievement Award, Jiangsu Province Excellent Master Thesis Instructor Award and has been nominated by Qian Xuesen City Scholarship Award.    

He is mainly engaged in study on Globalization and China Regional Economic Development, Industrial Economic Theory and Analysis Methods, Differentiation and Space Competition, Real Estate Economy and Finance.    

He has published over 100 papers in Chinese Social Science, Economic Research, Guangming Daily, Chinese Social Science Journal, China Economic Report, People's Forum, National Governance.  Besides publications in Chinese in academic journals, he has also published widely in English Journals, such as Studies in Regional Science,  and Frontiers of Economics in China in Regional Science. These papers have been republished and reprinted more than 30 times by National Philosophy and Social Science Planning Network, Chinese Social Science Abstracts, Chinese Communist Party News Network, Chinese Leading Cadre Database, the NPC Newspapers and Journals, and College Liberal Arts Abstracts. He also has published five monographs and published 20 papers as the co-editor, many of which have been published in Springer and Enrich Professional Publishing.   

Research fields 

1. Regional Economic Theory and Regional Planning   

2. Industrial Economic Theory and Analysis Method   

3. Product Differentiation and Space Competition   

4. Real Estate Economics and Financial Research   

Teaching fields

1. Microeconomics (intermediate and advanced)   

2. Industrial Economics (undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D.)   

3. Regional Economics (undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D.)   

4. Real Estate Economics and Finance (postgraduate)    

5. Statistics (undergraduate basic platform class).