Wu, Qiang


Wu, Qiang     

Tel: 025-83621060     

Email: qiangwu@nju.edu.cn     

Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of Industrial Economics     

Professor Wu, Ph.D. in Economics, is currently Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor and Deputy Director at Department of Industrial Economics, Nanjing University Business School.    

He has been awarded National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation (Theory of Economics), New Century Talent by the Ministry of Education, and Huaying Scholar by Nanjing University. He was a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Economics at Pennsylvania State University (2013-2014). Professor Wu has published dozens of Chinese and English papers in the field of Industrial Economics and International Trade in Chinese economics journals, including top journals such as Economic Research, Management World, and China Industrial Economy.   


Besides, he has hosted several national and provincial scientific research projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation Project, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Foundation Project by the Ministry of Education, and Special Funding for National Excellent Scholars Doctoral Thesis.  


Professor Wu has been invited to attend Nobel Prize (Economics) Winners Conference in Lindau Germany and won several rewards for his scientific research, including the Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, Anzijie International Trade Research Award, Commerce Development and Research Achievement Award by the Ministry of Commerce, Outstanding Achievement Award for Philosophy and Social Science Research by Jiangsu Province, Humanities and Social Science Research Achievement Award by Nanjing University, Outstanding Paper Award by Jiangsu Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Academic Conference. He also has been selected into New Century Excellent Talents Support Program by the Ministry of Education, the 333 High-level Talent Training Project by Jiangsu Province, the Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Talent Training Program, and Young Key teacher by Nanjing University.    

Research fields

1. Industrial Economics   

2. International Trade   

Teaching fields

1. International Economics   

2. International Trade Practice   

3. Industrial Economics   

4. Intermediate Microeconomics   

5. Advanced Microeconomics   

6. Antitrust Economics/ Competition Policy   

7. International Trade