Wei, Shouhua


WEI, Shouhua     

Tel: 025-83621098     

Email: weish@nju.edu.cn     

Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Economics     

He received his Ph.D. from Peking University in July 2003 and entered Nanjing University Business School in July 2007. His research interests lie in Industrial Clusters and Regional Development, Innovative Economy and Regional Development, High-tech Industry Development (Park Economy), and Urban Agglomeration Economy. Now he teaches Innovation Economics, Urban Economics, Industrial Economics, and Investment Economics.   

Research fields  

1. Industrial Clusters and Regional Development 

2. Innovative Economy and Regional Development 

3. High-tech Industry Development (Park Economy) and Urban Agglomeration Economy 

4. Urban Agglomeration Economy   

Teaching fields  

1. Innovation Economics 

2. Urban Economics   

3. Industrial Economics   

4. Investment Economics