Qu, Zhaopeng


QU, Zhaopeng     

Tel: 025-83621349     

Email: qu@nju.edu.cn     

Associate Professor, Population research institute     

Qu Zhaopeng is an Associate Professor of Economics at Nanjing University Business School, China. He is also a Research Fellow at the Global Labor Organization(GLO)  and was a Visiting Researcher at the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA). His research interests are Labor Economics, Development Economics, and Applied Econometrics. Most of his research focuses on the following topics in China:   

·Rural-Urban Migration   

·Urban Labor Market Segmentation   

·Inequality and Intergeneration Mobility   

Now, he teaches Labor Economics and Econometrics for both undergraduate students and graduate students at Nanjing University Business School. And he also lectures an advanced MBA course which is designed to prepare students for their careers at the interface of business strategy and Data Analysis. He earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Beijing Normal University (BNU)  in 2009. Then he joined NJU as an Assistant Professor of Population and Labor Economics. Before studying at BNU, he worked as a reporter for a business newspaper in Beijing and Shanghai for four years.  


Research fields

Labor, Population, Development, and Health   

Teaching fields

1. Labor Economics (Undergraduate and postgraduate)   

2. Introduction to Econometrics (Undergraduate)   

3. The Economics of Human Resource (Postgraduate)    

4. Applied Micro-econometrics (Postgraduate)    

5. Making Decisions in the Age of Big Data (MBA)