​Zhang, Zhengtang


Zhang, Zhengtang         

Tel: 025-83621051     

E-mail: njzzt2005@126.com     

Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of Human Resource Management  


Zhang Zhengtang, Doctor of Management (2002), Postdoctoral Researcher(2005), Professor of Human Resource Management Department of Nanjing University Business School (2008), Ph.D. Supervisor (2009), Department Director (2012), Visiting Scholar of Pennsylvania State University (PSU) (2013, 2017), the recipient of the New Century Talents Support Program of the Ministry of Education (2012), the second-level training target of the 333 High-level Talent Cultivation Project in Jiangsu Province (2013), and the backbone university teacher of the Blue Project of Jiangsu Province (2008). His academic research mainly focuses on the areas like strategic human resource management, pay, and motivation. He has taken charge of 5 research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, having conducted more than 10 research subjects. He has published over 40 papers in many journals such as the Management World, Journal of Management Science, Accounting Research, and International Journal of Human Resource Management. Professor Zhang has written 2 monographs and edited 3 textbooks.


Awards and titles professor Zhang has ever gained include the Outstanding Paper Award of Jiang Yiwei Enterprise Reform and Development Academic Fund, the first prize of Jiangsu Higher Education Teaching Achievement, the third prize of the Outstanding Achievement Award for National Talents in Human Resource Research of Ministry of Human Resource, the second prize of Tianjin Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement, the first prize of outstanding achievements in humanities and social sciences of Jiangsu provincial, the third and second prize of excellent achievements in philosophy and social sciences of Jiangsu Province, the best OB&HR paper of the first annual meeting of China Management Society, and the May 4th Youth Medal of Nanjing University.   

Zhang Zhengtang is mainly involved in the fields of strategic human resource management, payment design, and reform, performance management, the transformation of the three pillars of human resources management, effectiveness evaluation of enterprises’ human resources, career channels, and talent team construction of organizations, enterprises’ training system (enterprise university) construction, hospital human resource management, and university human resource management.   

Professor Zhang has provided training and lectures for the middle-level and senior managers from lots of enterprises and governments, including the Midea Group Headquarters, Baiyun Airport, Air Macau, China Resources Snow Beer, Datang Power, Yurun Real Estate, Focus Technology, Haishu Group, Xuzhou Mining Group, Provincial Transportation Holding Company, Meishan Iron and Steel, Provincial People's Bank, Provincial Construction Bank, Provincial Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Huaxing Construction, Weibei Coal and Electricity, and the Economy and Trade Commission of Jiangsu Province.    

Research Fields     

1. Human Resource Management (Strategic Human Resource Management, Team Payment, Salary Gap, Performance Compensation, etc.)   

2. Organization Theory   

Teaching Fields     

Performance and Pay Management (undergraduate level); Human Resource Management Seminar (Ph.D. level); Human Resource Management Practice; Performance Assessment and Management; Payment Design and Reform; Three Pillar Transformation of Human Resource Management; Strategic Human Resource Management (MBA, EDP, corporate internal training, etc.) and some other fields