Peng, Jisheng


Peng, Jisheng        

Tel: 025-83621075     


Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of Human Resource Management      

Peng Jisheng, Ph.D., professor, Ph.D. Supervisor. He has a Bachelor of Science degree, a Master of Philosophy, and a Doctor of Management degree. In 2002, he finished his postdoctoral research work in the field of Enterprise Management at Nanjing University. His research and teaching work mainly focus on enterprise technology innovation management, human resource management, strategic management, and knowledge management. He has published more than 100 academic papers, 2 individual academic monographs, co-authored 6 books, and edited or co-edited several textbooks. He has received 4 provincial research awards. He has presided over a number of national and provincial research projects, including four provincial and ministerial-level key scientific research projects. He has been entrusted by the company and the government to complete a number of issues.   

Research Fields     

1. Human Resource Management   

2. Technology Innovation Management   


Teaching Fields     

1. Human Resource Management   

2. Innovation Management   

3. Strategic Management