Lv, Wei


Lv, Wei     

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Professor, Department of Accounting    


Lv Wei was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. After graduation, he worked in a state-owned pharmaceutical listed company and a top 500 foreign-invested multinational corporation. Later, he resigned and was admitted to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (School of Science and Technology) and obtained his Ph. D in management. In the same year, he joined Nanjing University Business School as a teacher. He has published many academic papers in professional academic journals such as Management World, Accounting Research, Financial Research, Tax Research, and Audit Research, and has been awarded Outstanding Paper Award by the Chinese Accounting Society. He is a director and commentator for the National Natural Science Foundation Project; host of the Ministry of Education Foundation Project; visiting scholar at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He open courses for undergraduate, MBA, EMBA, EPD students. He also serves as an independent director of several listed companies.   

He has provided professional training and consulting services for many bank head offices, central enterprises, Jiangsu Securities Regulatory Bureau of the CSRC, Jiangsu Provincial Taxation Bureau, and large medical institutions.   



1. Research on the risk management and internal control of health care organizations, innovation and transformation of business models of health care enterprises, and performance management and improvement of public health services. He presided over and participated in several works of investigation and M&A in health care, education, and cultural industries.   

2. Designing and leading a transformation project for an education company. He has completed 2 rounds of financing of more than 100 million yuan, led the accomplishment of share reform, equity design, team building, and hosted the completion of listing.   

3. Acting as a consultant for the national tax authorities in Jiangsu Province, leading the designing, developing, and testing of the big data anti-tax avoidance projects for the State Administration of Taxation and several provinces and cities; and taking charge of several special tax inspections and data analysis in various industries.   

Research Fields   

1. Business model Innovation in Healthcare, Education and Culture Industries   

2. Cost Management and Internal Control of Healthcare Organisation   

3. M&A and Restructuring and Corporate Value Growth   

Teaching Fields   

The following courses are offered to undergraduate, MBA, MPACC, EDP, EMBA, and international EMBA students.   

1. Accounting and Information System   

2. Capital Market and Enterprise Transformation under the Internet Environment