Chen, Donghua


Chen, Donghua     

Tel: 025-83621131     


Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of Accounting     

Professor Chen Donghua currently serves as Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor and Head of the Department of Accounting at Nanjing University Business School (the School of Management) and President of Nanjing University Young Scholars Association. He is also Former Founding Director of International Doctoral Program of Accounting at Nanjing University; The New Century Talents selected by the Ministry of Education (2006); One of the Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Academic Leaders of Nanjing University (2008); First Academic Leader of Accounting awarded by the Ministry of Finance (2012); The 15th Top Ten Outstanding Youth (2014) of Jiangsu Province; Distinguished Professor of Chang Jiang Scholar by the Ministry of Education (2014); Associate Editor forChina Journal of Accounting Studies, China Finance Review International and China Journal of Accounting Research; Editorial Board Member of China Accounting and Finance Review and Frontiers of Business Research in China; Member of National Youth Federation; Standing Committee Member of Jiangsu Youth Federation; Director of China Accounting Association, and Deputy Director of the Accounting History Committee.   

Research Fields   

1. Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance   

2. Financial Accounting Research   

3. Corporate Finance Research   

Teaching Fields   

1. Financial Report analysis   

2. Corporate Governance   

3. Empirical Accounting Research Methodology and Method   

4. Financial Accounting Research