​Xu, Zhijian


Xu, Zhijian     

Tel: 025-83592282     

Email: xuzhijian@nju.edu.cn       

Professor, Department of Business Administration      

Xu Zhijian: Doctor of Management; Professor; Member of Academy of Management; Founding Member of Entrepreneurship Research Society; Expert of (Asia) 21st Century Business Education Alliance; Vice President of Jiangsu Social Insurance Association; Executive Director of Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Quantitative Economics; Appraiser for Chinese Registered Asset of Ministry of Finance (non-practicing member); Provincial Registered Consulting Expert of Jiangsu Science and Technology Consulting Association; Anonymous Reviewer of Economic Research and The International Journal of Human Resource Management. He has published more than 40 papers on the domestic and foreign journals such as the Economic Research, Corporate Governance: An International Review, and has published more than 10 monographs.   

He once served as the Assistant for the Dean of the Business School of Nanjing University, Director of the International Business Management Education Center of Nanjing University, Director of the EMBA Program Office of Nanjing University-Cornell University, and Director of the China-Israel International Business Management Education Center of Nanjing University. He was a visiting scholar at the School of Management of Cornell University and Tilburg University in the Netherlands. He has been to Harvard Business School in the United States, McGill University in Canada, Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands, Kyushu University in Japan, and Hopkins-Nanjing University Cultural Exchange Center for study and research.   


Research Fields     

1. Corporate Governance   

2. Corporate Theory   

3. Strategic Management   

4. Investment Management   


Teaching Fields     

1. Capital Management   

2. Corporate Governance   

3. Information Management   

4. Business Model   

5. Corporate Theory