Shi, Lifang


Shi, Lifang     

Tel: 025-83621167     


Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration   

Shi Lifang, Ph.D. in Management, is an Associate Professor of the Department of Business Administration of Nanjing University Business School. She is a Master Supervisor and was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar (2014-2015) of Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley). She once participated in the Joint Certificate Program of the Sino-American Cultural Research Center of Nanjing University-Johns Hopkins University (2004-2005) and went to the University of Missouri-St. Louis (2005) and Harvard Business School (HBS, 2011) for visit and study. Currently, she is a member of the Academy of Management, a member of the International Association for Chinese Management Research, an expert of review for the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and an anonymous reviewer for the journals such as the Management World, China Industrial Economy, and Nankai Management Review. She has published many papers in first-class and authoritative journals, including the Management World, China Industrial Economy, China Administrative Management, Nankai Management Review, Financial Research, Economic Management. She has been a member of the director for several projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China.   

Research Fields     

1. Judgment and Behavior Decision   

2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management   

3. Open Innovation   

4. Management of Uncertainty   

5. Management Authorization and Intervention   

6. Intercultural Communication and Negotiation   

7. Fairness and Motivation    


Teaching Fields     

1. Management Communication (Language: English)   

2. Cross-cultural Business Communication (Language: English)   

3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management