​Chen, Chuanming


Chen, Chuanming     

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Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of Business Administration     

Chen, Chuanming, born in September 1957, Professor of Management, Ph.D. in Economics, and Ph.D. Supervisor, is the moderator for a national-level high-quality course Management Science, the main lecturer for a university open online course Management Thinking, the chief expert for the Management Science, which belongs to the theoretical research and construction project of Marxism proposed by the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Education, and the vice president of the China Enterprise Management Research Association.   


Professor Chen entered the French Department of Beijing Foreign Studies University in February 1977. In October 1978, he was selected by the Ministry of Education to study at the Department of Social and Economic Management of the University of Brittany in France. In June 1981, he returned from France and was allocated to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In December 1982, he was appointed as a teacher at Nanjing University. From September 1990 to June 1993, he went to Nankai University and pursued a doctoral degree. He once served as the head of the Department of Business Administration, the vice president of the School of Business, dean of the School of Management, and the secretary for the Committee of the Party of the School of Business.   


Professor Chen has long been engaged in the teaching and researching work of the basic theories of management science and strategic management of enterprises. He teaches courses such as Principles of Management, History of Management Thoughts, Theory of Enterprise’s Organizations, and Strategic Management of Enterprise for the undergraduates, master, and doctoral postgraduates. He has published papers such as Management Thinking on the Causes of ‘Internal Person Control’ in Academic Journals like the Management World and China Industrial Economy, and published books like Comparisons on Enterprise Systems and Management Science (has been printed more than 10 million in total) in People's Publishing House and Higher Education Press, and other monographs or textbooks. Professor Chen has translated and published the book Microeconomic Analysis (People's Publishing House), Management Control (Commercial Press), has won the second prize of national teaching achievements, Jiang Yiwei’s Outstanding Paper Award of the Enterprise Reform and Development Research Fund, has undertaken researches on a number of national natural science foundation projects such as Characteristics of Path Dependence and its Transcendence of Enterprise strategic adjustment” and “Entrepreneurs' Social Capital and Business Performance.   

Research Fields 

1. Enterprise Organizational Theory   

2. Enterprise Strategic Management   

Teaching fields 

1. Management Science   

2. The History of Management Thought    

3. Enterprise Organizational Theory     

4. Enterprise Strategy Research