Wang, Xiang


Wang, Quansheng   

Tel: 025-83621104  


Associate Professor, Department of Marketing and E-commerce  

Wang Xiang: Associate Professor of Department of Electronic Business at Nanjing University Business School, bachelor of computer science, master of industrial economics, doctor of management. He has been to the University of Missouris-St in America, Insead University of France, and Maastricht University in the Netherlands for study. He has long been engaged in research and consulting work on the enterprises’ human resource management, enterprise informationization, organizational learning, business model, and management decision-making. He once served for several multinational corporations and has participated in nearly 100 projects about enterprises’ informationization development and enterprises consulting.  

Research Fields     

1. Enterprise Informationization   

2. E-learning   

3. Corporate Business Model   

4. Knowledge Management   

5. IT Internal Control   

6. IT Project Management 

Teaching Fields     

1. IT Project Management   

2. Information Resources Planning   

3. IT Internal Control   

4. E-commerce Model   

5. Organizational Learning   

6. Knowledge Management