Dong, Yiren


Dong, Yiren 

Tel: 025-83621084  


Associate Professor, Department of Marketing and E-commerce  

Dong Yiren, Doctor of Management, Associate Professor of Marketing, Nanjing University Business School, Deputy Director of China Direct Selling Research Center of Nanjing University , Deputy Director of Market Research and Consulting Center of Nanjing University, member of the Academy of Marketing Science. She gave academic speeches at Fontys University in the Netherlands, Missouris-St. Louis University in the United States, Appalachian University in the United States, and Soochow University in Taiwan. She has been engaged in market research and marketing consulting for a long time. She has worked in a number of multinational market research institutions, participated in nearly 100 market research and consulting projects, and published more than 30 papers and 8 books (including co-authored works).   

Recent projects that professor Dong has led or participated in are:    

1.  Enterprises issues(as a director): China's outdoor products market research (Asian Outdoor Products Exhibition)    

2.  As a director: Nanjing University Direct Selling Research Center project: Research on the Family Conflict and Satisfaction of the Employees in Direct Selling;    

3.  As a director: National Natural Science Foundation project: Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Brand Evaluation--An Experimental Study Based on Individual Cognitive Differences and Evaluation Scenarios, No.71072044, RMB267,000 yuan, 2011-2013; As a participant: Job Embeddedness of Salespeople and Sales Performance: An Empirical Research from the Perspectives of Role Conflict Resolution and Network Expansion No. 71772086, RMB 480,000 yuan, 2018-2021; Empirical Research on Consumer Channel Selecting Behavior in the Two-stage Shopping Process, No.70772035, RMB190,000 yuan, 2008-2011    

4. Humanities and Social Science projects of the Ministry of Education (as a participant): Localization Evaluation and Influencing Factors of Service Brands——An Empirical Study Based on Modern Service Industry in the Yangtze River Delta Region during the Transition Period, 2011-2014.   

Research Fields    

1. Direct Selling   

2. Brand Management   

3. Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumers Behavior   

4. Market Research and Analysis   

Teaching Fields    

1. Marketing   

2. Market Research   

3. Advanced Marketing   

4. Market Research and Marketing Decisions   

5. Data, Model, and Marketing Decisions