Chen, Hongzhi


Chen, Hongzhi          

Tel:  025-83621141          


Assistant Professor, Department of Human Resource Management      


Dr. Hongzhi Chen is currently an Assistant Professor of Management at Nanjing University. His research interests include social networks, innovation & creativity, human resource management, work-life interface, employee extra-role behaviors (helping & voice), and meta-analysis.      

Academic position      

2018-Present Assistant Professor of Management, School of Business, Nanjing University, China      


Ph.D. in Management (OBHR), Purdue University, USA, 2018      

MS. in Corporate Management, South China University of Technology, China      

BS. in Business Administration, South China University of Technology, China      

Research Fields        

1. Social Networks      

2. Innovation & Creativity       

3. Human Resource Management      

4. Employee extra-role behaviors (voice, workplace helping, etc.)      

5. Work-life Interface      

6. Meta-analysis

Teaching Fields        

1. Human resource management      

2. Organizational Behavior