NJUBS incorporates degree programs in economics and management. Undergraduate students are firstly enrolled in these two general directions. After one year, students could choose their majors based on their interests. NJUBS attach important to undergraduate education, and all prestigious scholars and professors are required to teach undergraduate courses. Nobel Prize laureates, world-renown scholars and leaders from transnational corporations are frequently invited by NJUBS to deliver speeches and participate in joint researches. This aims to help students to broaden their visions.    

Besides, a variety of academic events are organized every year, including “Silver Star Cup” Student Academic Paper Competition, Smith Forum, Master Lecture Room and various academic salons, through which students are able to fulfill their potential in academic and practical activities. Undergraduates have won many awards, such as First Prize for Challenge Cup National Competition; First Prize for Citigroup Cup Financial Innovation Application Competition; First Prize for National Mathematical Modeling Competition; and Golden Medal for North American Mathematical Modeling Competition.    

NJUBS also puts an emphasis on social practice and international exchange. The School has cooperated with many enterprises and companies to established social practice internship bases. 30% of students have studied abroad before. Undergraduates are engaged in related industries of banks, securities, governments, public institutes etc.