International MBA is a program jointly established by Nanjing University and Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands). Since established in 1998, IMBA Program based on local realities and international resources integration has developed two feature directions (EMBA in International Business Innovation Management and EMBA in International Medicine and Health Care). IMBA program aims to deliver education services to managers and entrepreneurs with different backgrounds.   


Accredited by AMBA and AACSB, IMBA Program is based on top educational resources from Nanjing University Business School and Maastricht School of Management.  


 EMBA in International Business Innovation Management, based on classic EMBA Program, is created by combining theoretical knowledge and practical experience in different fields, which aims to improve students’ innovation skills, global strategic decision-making and comprehensive management ability.    

 EMBA in International Medicine and Health Care aims to integrates top teachers in the areas of medicine, business and technology and to set overseas courses, through which helps to train entrepreneurs with international vision in medicine and health care.    


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