Zhou, Shihao



Zhou, Shihao

Tel: 025-83593387    

E-mail: zhoush@nju.edu.cn       

Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing and E-commerce       

Shihao Zhou is an assistant professor in the Department of E-Commerce, School of Business at Nanjing University. He received his Ph.D. in management from Virginia Tech. His research interests focus on digital innovation, corporate R&D, and information technology strategy. He has published in the Journal of Management Information Systems, International Journal of Human Resource Management, and Journal of Knowledge Management and presented his research at the annual meetings of the Academy of Management and the Strategic Management Society.   


Research Fields         

1. Digital innovation   

2. Corporate R&D    

3. Information technology strategy    



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Book chapter    

  • Zhou, S., Li, P., & Yang, Z. (forthcoming).  Realizing Stretch Goals via Exploratory Bricolage: The Case of Chinese Entrepreneurial Firms. In “The Institutional Foundations of Innovation: China’s Quest for Innovation with Chinese Characteristics”, S-P. Dai & M. Taube (Eds.), Routledge.   

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