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For a long time, people from all walks of life have made considerable contributions to the development of NJUBS, and have provided substantial financial support for infrastructure construction, teaching and scientific research, team building, international exchange, student training, campus culture construction and other career developments.

We will sincerely thank you for your support, if you are considering making a donation. All monetary support will be made full use in teaching, research and personnel training. Let us work together for creating a better future and contributing to mutually beneficial development. Please refer to the following foundations to find out how to make a gift:

Nanjing University Business School Development Foundation Sub-fund Project

 •Key Discipline Development Foundation: to support the development of various disciplines in the School

 •Excellent Curriculum Development Foundation: to encourage teachers to develop quality courses and improve the quality of talent training

 •Academic Forum Title Foundation: to organize various academic activities to expand students' horizons

 •Nanjing University Business School Souvenirs: NJUBS will launch special souvenirs for graduation, and proceeds from the graduates purchase will be fully donated to Nanjing University Business School Development Foundation.

Nanjing University Business School Teacher Development Foundation Sub-fund Project

 •Chair Professor Title Foundation: mainly used to introduce and train high-level talents

 •Youth Talent Introduction Foundation: to introduce young teachers

 •Research Incentive Foundation: to reward teachers who have completed high-level scientific research results

Nanjing University Business School Student Growth Foundation (Scholarship)

To reward students with excellent academic performance

Nanjing University Business School Anzhong Building Facilities Title Foundation

If you are interested in giving to us or have any question, please do not hesitate to contact NJUBS Alumni and Development Office.

Telephone:025-83621332 CHENG Tingting