Dean's Message

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For four decades, NJUBS has distinguished itself with outstanding achievement in the areas of disciplinary construction, academic research and talent training. Thank you for sincere cooperation and considerable support from several generations.   

The development of NJUBS rests on scientific research. We strive to provide a tolerant and accepting academic environment, thereby fostering innovation. We strive to deliver advancing knowledge and experiential research methods, and encouraging students to contribute as able members of community. We have built closer cooperation with renowned business schools worldwide, which aims to form an internationalized teaching and research platform for students and faculty members. We also emphasis on social service and provide consultancy services for economic development and social progression.    


We adhere to university’s motto “sincerity with aspiration, perseverance with Integrity” and assume the responsibilities of building a world-class business school. Our mission is to “Create New Business Knowledge, Develop Students’ Talent and Contribute to Future Society” and to make even better contribution to China’s economic and social development.