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Jiangsu Development Forum

Smith Forum

Drucker Forum

Drucker Forum, in form of academic reports, invites renowned scholars and senior industry professionals to conduct academic exchanges with people from all walks of life. The forum aims to share cutting-edge academic achievements and management experience, thereby promoting the development of business administration disciplines in theory and practice.

Yinxing Economic Research Foundation

Young Scholars Forum

Young Scholars Forum aims to strengthen young teachers' understanding of latest management research methods, and then publish excellent international academic achievements; help young teachers apply for important national projects; improve the hit rate of application applications; and build a communication and cooperation platform for young scholars and international scholars.

Young Economist Forum

Nanjing University Business Review

Nanjing University Business Review is a non-continuous academic journal of economics and management sponsored by Nanjing University Business School. Since its start publication, it has been highly praised by scholars at home and abroad for its standardized, rigorous and solid research style. In 2012, it was selected as a CSSCI source publication by China Social Science Research Evaluation Center.

Human Resource Management Review

Nanjing University Business School officially launched Human Resources Management Review (published by Economic Management Press) in 2010. Human Resources Management Review is committed to publishing one of the most authoritative and internationally influential academic journals in the field of human resources management, promoting academic research and exchanges in human resources management at home and abroad, and deliver a platform for communication and research result publication to human resource management scholars.

Nanjing University Economic Review

Transnational Management Seminar

Nanjing University Business School has held an international seminar on corporate transnational operations since 1992, which aims to provide a platform for jointly exploring new issues faced by enterprise management in transitional economy, and thereby tackle changes of transnational business operations.

The seminar is also co-organized by domestic and international universities and research institutions, including China Management Modernization Research Association Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management Committee, Peter Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University (USA), Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University (USA), International Research and Projects Office and Business School at University of Missouri-St. Louis (USA), School of Economics at University of Göttingen (Germany), Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands), University of Sydney Business School (Australia), School of Business and Law at Newcastle University (Australia).

Peter Drucker School of Management at the Claremont Graduate University, the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, and the International Research and Project at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Offices, business schools, the University of Göttingen School of Economics, the Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands, the Business School of the University of Sydney, Australia, the School of Business and Law of the University of Newcastle, Australia, and other universities and research institutions, and have received the Chinese Funding from the Department of Management Sciences of the Natural Science Foundation. It is also funded by Department of Management and Science, National Natural Science Foundation.