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Collaborative Innovation Center

Collaborative Innovation Center for Socialist Economic Construction with Chinese Characteristics

Collaborative Innovation Center for Regional Economic Transformation and Management Transformation

Think Tank

Research Center for Socialist Political Economy with Chinese Characteristics

Yangtze River Industrial Economic Research Institute

Research institute

Yangtze River Delta Economic and Social Development Research Center

National Cultural Industry Research Center

Research Center for ModernizationRealization

Jiangsu Province Enterprise Talent Development Research Base

Jiangsu Province Two Pioneering Research Bases

Jiangsu Province Economic Internationalization Decision Consulting Research Base

Jiangsu Cultural Industry Research Base

Institute for Quantitative Economics and Technology

Enterprise Strategy Research Base

Investment Finance Research Center

Accounting and Finance Institute

Brand and Service Management Research Center

Real Estate Research Center

Guan Baihao International Financial Management Institute

Corporate and Securities Research Institute

International Economic Research Institute

Private Economic Research Institute

Entrepreneur Institute

China Direct Sales Research Center

Research Center for Financial Measurement and Risk Management

Modern Economics Research Center

Buffett Value Investment Research Center

China-Austria Schumpeter Innovation Center

Institute for Management Philosophy

Economic Growth Research Center

National Key Discipline

Political Economy

Business Management

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World Economics

Jiangsu Province Dominant Disciplines

Applied Economics and Accounting

Jiangsu Province Key Discipline

Theoretical Economics

National Economic Talent Training Base

In 1998, The Ministry Of Education Approved the Trial Of National Economics Fundamental Talents Training Base After Being Evaluated By Experts. In 2001, The Ministry Of Education Was Officially Approved The Establishment Of National Economics Talent Training Base.