Zhu, Mingying


Zhu, Mingying



Ph.D. assistant professor, School of Business

Mingying Zhu is currently an assistant professor in the School of Business at Nanjing University. She graduated from the Department of Economics at the University of Ottawa in 2019. Her main research areas include Environmental Economics, Econometrics, Health economics, and Behavioral economics. She explores the causal link from short-term air pollution exposure to various health impacts, like sleep loss, respiratory diseases, and depressed sentiment. Her work focuses on the case of china and uses big data analytics via Python Scraping for people's web search behaviors. Her study provides a previously unaccounted for benefit of more stringent air quality regulation. Recently she continues the research on environmental pollution and climate change in developing countries such as China, India, and Indonesia. The latest research paper was published in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.

Research fields

1. Environmental Economics

2. Econometrics

3. Health economics

4. Behavioral economics

5. Bibliometrics

Teaching fields

1. Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

2. Economic model and software