Sun, Ninghua


Sun, Ninghua    

Tel: 025-83621035    


Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of Economics    

Professor Sun  Ninghua, holding Ph.D in Economics, has been a visiting scholar in Cornell University, USA. He currently serve as Deputy Director of Department of Economics.    

He is active in public service. He is an anonymous reviewer for Economic Research and Nanjing University Business Review, Director of China Foreign Economics Association Jiangsu Provence Branch, and Director of Jiangsu Province Transportation Economic Research Association. The programs he conducted include National Social Science Foundation Projects, National Social Science Foundation Key Projects, National Social Science Foundation Key Projects General Projects and National Natural Science Foundation Projects. He has published 4 monographs and over 50 academic papers. His independently completed monograph Risk Formation and Prevention of Financial Derivatives Instrument has won Second Prize for the 5th Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Science Research Outstanding Achievement Award. In November 2013, he won First Prize for Jiangsu Province Teaching Achievement Award. In 2011, he was selected as My Favorite Teacher by Nanjing University.    

Research fields

1. Macroeconomics   

2. Financial Risk Management   

3. China's economic development    

4. Financial Derivative Security   

Teaching fields   

1. Macroeconomics (undergraduate)    

2. Econometrics (undergraduate)   

3. Macroeconomics (postgraduate)   

4. Pricing of Financial Derivative Security (postgraduate)   

5. Advanced Macroeconomics (Ph.D)