Gao, Bo


Gao, Bo     

Tel: 025-83621095     


Ph.D. Supervisor, Department of Industrial Economics     

Professor Gao Bo, Ph.D. in Economics, is currently a Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor at the School of Economics, Nanjing University Business School. He also serves as a researcher of Collaborative Innovation Center for Socialist Economic Construction with Chinese Characteristics; Professor of Nanjing University Yangtze River Delta Economic and Social Development Research Center (Key Research Base for Humanities and Social Sciences selected by the Ministry of Education); Vice President of Jiangsu Province Economics Association; Executive Director of (China) Consumption Economics Association; Member of China Real Estate Association Economic Policy Expert Committee; Executive Director of World Chinese Real Estate Society. He has been selected as young and middle-aged science and technology leading talent by Jiangsu Province 333 Talent Project. Professor Gao has published over 10 books (including Cultural Capital, Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth: A Study of Zhejiang Merchants and Cantonese Business Growth Experience, Housing Consumption and Expanding Domestic Demand, China's Real Estate Cycle Fluctuation and Macro-Control, and China's Urban Housing System Reform Research: Change, Performance and Innovation, and Development Economics ) and more than 160 papers in formal academic journals, such as Economic Research and Management World.    

He has completed over 10 projects above provincial and ministerial level, including the National Natural Science Foundation Project (70672016), National Social Science Foundation Project (06BJY084), National Social Science Foundation Key Project (08AJY010), Humanities and Social Sciences Research Foundation Project by the Ministry of Education (05JA790036) and Philosophy and Social Science Research Major Project (Research on Urban Housing System Reform in China). He has been awarded more than 10 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research awards, such as the 11th, 12th, and 14th Jiangsu Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Awards.  


Research fields  

1. Chinese Economy Development   

2. Real Estate Investment and Finance   

3. Entrepreneur Theory  


Teaching fields 

1. Development Economics   

2. Real Estate Finance