Mao, Yina


Mao, Yina           

Tel: 025-83621067     


Associate Professor, Department of Human Resource Management


Work Experience:     

  • Faculty at Department of Human Resource Management, Nanjing University (2012-present);   

  • Post-doctoral fellow at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong (2011, 2012)    

Education Background:     

  • Doctor of Philosophy (2010) and Master of Philosophy (2007) in Management from the Chinese University of Hong Kong;   

  • Bachelor in Management (2004) from Renmin University of China   

Research Interests  

1. Workplace Ostracism   

2. Leadership    

3. Guanxi    

4. Mentorship   

5. Emotions   

Teaching Areas     

1. Human Resource Management   

2. Organizational Behavior   

3. Research Methodology