​LI, Minghui


LI, Minghui            

Tel: 025-83621065     

Email: ndlmh@nju.edu.cn     

PhD Supervisor, Department of Accounting     

Li Minghui (1974-), born in Jiangsu Jintan, Professor and PhD Supervisor of the Accounting Department of Nanjing University Business School. He is the Director of the China Auditing Society, and mainly engaged in auditing teaching and research. His current research interests include: (1) The impact of external audit on the company's investment and financing behavior; (2) The impact of laws and informal institutions on accounting and auditing behavior; (3) The auditor's perception and response to customer risk factors; (4) Government auditing and public governance.   

Research Fields     

1. Audit (Mainly CPA Audit)   

2. Corporate Governance   

3. Internal Control and Risk Management   

Teaching Fields     

1. Auditing (undergraduate)   

2. Advanced Audit Theory and Practice/Corruption Audit (MPAcc/MAud)   

3. Audit theory research (postgraduate and Ph.D)   

4. Accounting (Management Undergraduate Platform Course)