Ye, Qing


Ye, Qing

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Associate Professor, Department of Accounting    

Qing Ye is an Associate Professor at the Department of Accounting, Nanjing University Business School, and a Certified Public Accountant (Non-practicing). He obtained his Ph.D. in Management (Accounting) from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (2012); received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting (2007) from Nanjing University. He is also a member of the China Accounting Association Financial Costs Branch. He has been an assistant professor at the Department of Accounting, Sun Yat-sen University Business School. He has published several papers as the first author in academic journals such as Economic Research, Management World, Accounting Research, China Journal of Accounting Research, and presided over the National Natural Science Foundation Youth Project (completed). He also has been listed as the Best Paper Award by many academic conferences. His research interests lie in China-specific issues in accounting (audit), corporate finance, and corporate governance, from a multidisciplinary perspective (including new institutional economics, sociology, political science, and historical geography). Recently, his research interest lies in how cultural traditions and social structures shape firm and individual behavior. He also serves as an anonymous reviewer of academic journals such as Management World, China Journal of Accounting Research, and China Journal of Accounting Studies.  

Research fields     

1. Institutions and Culture      

2. Empirical Accounting Research      

3. Corporate Finance   

4. Corporate Governance   


Teaching fields     

1. New institutional economics      

2. Accounting theory