Huang, Yunhui


Huang, Yunhui 

Tel: 025-83621346


Associate Professor, Department of Marketing and E-commerce  


  • Ph.D. 2011, Psychology, Peking University, Beijing, China    

  • Visiting Student, 2007.08 -2008.08, University of California, Berkeley, USA   

  • BA, 2006, Psychology/Economics, Peking University, Beijing, China   

Professional Experience


Research Interests

  • Numerosity in Marketing   

  • Consumer Inference   

  • Visual Marketing   

  • Liking versus Wanting   

  • Cross-cultural Differences   


Teaching Experience

  • Undergraduate Course, Social Behavior and Decision Making   

  • Undergraduate Course, Social Psychology and Consumer Research   

  • Graduate Course, Experimental Design   

  • Graduate Course, Information Processing Theory and Consumer Research   

  • Others, Positive Psychology, Managerial psychology